Grizzly Bear in a Car!

Living near Yellowstone Park one of my favorite times of the year is just starting. Bears have come out of hibernation. Animals are active again and you get surprised every day that you are out driving and exploring. These pictures are from a couple of years ago and it was on a late April day in the park. There aren’t very many people this time of the year and most are experienced bear and wolf observers. Me being neither of those two things, sometimes you just luck out! I had been watching this grizzly for over 30 minutes from afar. He had been mixed in with some wary buffalos but then came right up to the road and decided to check out a Park Rangers car. She swore she had no food in the car but he was very curious. As you can see by the photos the Park takes Grizzlies getting into cars very seriously. The Ranger came up with rubber bullets in the shotgun. They get the bear’s attention without harming him. Okay, he might have a bruise for a few days but if he ever gets use to getting in people’s cars, he would have to be destroyed so a bruise is not all bad when you consider the alternative.

If you want to see animals and avoid the crowds, late April to early May and then late September until early November are the best times. I love September with the elk in rut and the bulls bugling and protecting their harem. It is a joy to live in Big Sky, MT and help create beautiful homes that people can come enjoy this gorgeous part of the World!
Let us know if you need help in decorating a home. We would love to help and show you some beautiful scenery!

Spanish Peaks Ranch

Spanish Peaks Ranch is a recent project we did that is a beautiful home built by John Haas and listed by Montana Living. We are very proud of this project. We find it very easy when decorating a ski home in Big Sky with such beautiful views! It is all about creating a warm feeling when someone walks into the home that makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. Earthy tones and comfortable, relaxing fabrics and leathers with some brighter colors to help bring out the tones in the beautiful timber and woods used throughout the house. Interior design in Big Sky, MT is all about using the colors of the home to accent the beautiful views while creating a warm and comfortable place to enjoy between fun and exciting activities!


A special appreciation goes out to Ryan Day Thompson for allowing us to use these beautiful photographs!!!


Fly Fishing the Madison River

Quite a few people head through Big Sky for fly fishing vacations. You have quite a few choices of blue ribbon streams to choose from but I thought I would talk about the Madison River on this post. The Madison River is known for larger fish than the Gallatin and from Big Sky you have two choices of where to go fish the Madison(Maddy).

If you want a calm float you head north towards Bozeman and then take a left at 4Corners(Main & 191). Stay on that road and you run into the Maddy in about 30 minutes. This is called the Lower Maddy and is good for early season, winter fishing and beginning drift boaters. It is about a 7 mile float from Warm Springs to Black’s Ford. Where you run into the river is Black’s Ford. Just keep following the road upstream for 7 miles and you can’t miss Warm Springs. A calm river here, it is much more forgiving for a beginner’s float. You can still screw up but if you have rowed a canoe and pay attention it is the perfect classroom. Why early season and winter? Because this is float tube central during the summer and the temperature’s get high enough that fish are sluggish and get stressed easily. The float tubing is fun and can be anyone from college kids to families floating down the river. Pretty shallow and you can stand up in most places so it is nice for families. We float it while one person drives the RV to one of the pullouts and you can get out eat, relax and then continue on down the river. It is a 2-3 hour float or drift. If you are drift boating it is a good idea to stop and wade fish a nice pool.

The upper Maddy is a different river. You would drive south from Big Sky and turn right on 287 near Hebgen Lake. Continue past Quake Lake and you are quickly at the Upper Maddy. From Big Sky it is about 1.5 hours to the start. You can fish all the way into Ennis. The river has boulders and is a bigger river and opportunities for big fish. Not made for your first drift boat trip you have ever taken but once you know how to handle a drift boat it would be wise to take someone that has done it before and give it a try. Boats are turned over in this part of the Maddy and most all of us are going to bounce off at least one boulder on the float. Not trying to scare anyone just want everyone to be safe. You can wade in numerous spots. I would carry a wading stick to steady yourself. Three dollar bridge is a famous place to wade from. There are numerous public put ins and there are numerous opinions on which is the best float. You will most likely see several low bridges(rods down), buffalo jumps and a few bald eagles. I love to float this part during late summer, early fall when the hopper hatch is going on. Always, fish with a buddy and stay within eyesight of each other.

I would always talk to local fly shops and if you haven’t fly fished much I would highly recommend getting a guide for a day. Doesn’t guarantee you will catch fish but it certainly increases the odds and you will learn a lot.

One last very important thing! If you have a child that would like to catch a trout, take him/her over to Ennis and get some worms and a bobber at the grocery store and go to the pond. Fun will ensue! Click on the pic of my daughter to see the size fish you can catch. Just make sure and put them back so another child can have the same amount of fun!

Until next time, I hope you get a chance to enjoy Big Sky and if you need an Interior Decorator please let us know.


Tatom Design

Spring is Here in Big Sky!

Spring has come very early here in Big Sky. The resort prays for every inch of snow at this point! We did have @ 10 inches the other day! I heard that it was a fantastic day to go ski some powder! The Gallatin River has not shown that we have gone into full fledge runoff but it could be any day now. Golf course has no snow on it. Very, very early!

Here at Tatom Design this is a busy time of the year! Vacation homeowners are trying to spruce up or redecorate their properties to make them more appealing in pictures for renters. Does this work? Yes, we have seen dramatic increases for some properties that have updated their 80’s look to something more today’s style. Realtors are getting houses ready to sell and sometimes you need new paint, kitchen or bathroom redos to make them sell quick, at good prices! In addition to picking out tile, lighting, wood floors,etc…those that stage their homes to give prospective buyers a conceptualization of the home can sell very quickly. Our opinion is that you don’t need to stage the whole house just the main rooms and maybe that one room that is hard to conceptualize how it would work out. Then, of course, you have the homeowner that is building from out of town and can’t see the day to day questions and decisions that need to be made. Color of granite, does this stain look good with this paint and all sorts of questions that homeowners get presented by their builders. Builders do a very good job here of helping you make those decisions but some owners want design help to make it all fit together!

Needless to say we are busy! If we ever get a day off it is time to go to Yellowstone very soon. They will open in April for cars and are already open for bikes! If you want wildlife pictures(especially Grizzlies and Wolves)now is the time! Crowds are minimal and the wildlife is very active starting to forage for food. Of course, the fishing is excellent this time of the year. You just have to find a river not in runoff.

Just an update from us here in Big Sky at Tatom Design! Remember, if you need help on making a warm, inviting house that is what we do.


Mountain Ski Cabin Big Sky, MT

This is a classic Mountain Ski Cabin Big Sky, MT log home that was a redesign to make a warm and inviting home close to the ski area. Using leathers, animal rugs, Kilim rug, Moose head and Moose Chandelier. It was about bringing in neutrals and accenting with bright colors to make you say Aah! when you walk into the home. After a hard days skiing it is nice to come in and relax in a comfy home decorated in Montana Mountain Rustic theme. At Tatom Design, we want to create an inviting house that is durable yet very stylish. That fits with the clients taste and style for this Mountain Ski Cabin in Big Sky, MT.

Please feel free to check out our Portfolio page to see some of our recent projects. You can also find us on Pinterest, Houzz and Facebook.


Interior Decorating Big Sky MT -Cozy Big Sky Ski Cabin

Here is a project we did on the slopes of Big Sky Resort. Interior Decorating in Big Sky MT allows me to look at some of the most incredible views while working on client’s homes. Sometimes when you are interior decorating in Big Sky space becomes one of the most important considerations.This is a cozy cabin built right on the slopes of Big Sky, MT. A small two bedroom cabin that needed to maximize space while bringing in color and giving an inviting place to enjoy after a day on the slopes. The interior decorating included new carpet, rug, antler accents and bringing in bright reds and comfy leather sofa and chairs. This Big Sky ski cabin is all about skiing, rustic log accents and showing off the wildlife of our beautiful area. This kind of interior decorating can vastly improve the amount of return a home can get from vacation rentals. It creates a place to enjoy at the end of the day!

If you like what you see you and you have an Interior Decorating Big Sky MT need please feel free to Contact us. You can also find us on Pinterest, Houzz and Facebook. Kathy can adapt to numerous styles and will get to know you, your styles and likes and furnish a beautiful mountain home you will love and can be proud of.