Spring is Here in Big Sky!

Spring has come very early here in Big Sky. The resort prays for every inch of snow at this point! We did have @ 10 inches the other day! I heard that it was a fantastic day to go ski some powder! The Gallatin River has not shown that we have gone into full fledge runoff but it could be any day now. Golf course has no snow on it. Very, very early!

Here at Tatom Design this is a busy time of the year! Vacation homeowners are trying to spruce up or redecorate their properties to make them more appealing in pictures for renters. Does this work? Yes, we have seen dramatic increases for some properties that have updated their 80’s look to something more today’s style. Realtors are getting houses ready to sell and sometimes you need new paint, kitchen or bathroom redos to make them sell quick, at good prices! In addition to picking out tile, lighting, wood floors,etc…those that stage their homes to give prospective buyers a conceptualization of the home can sell very quickly. Our opinion is that you don’t need to stage the whole house just the main rooms and maybe that one room that is hard to conceptualize how it would work out. Then, of course, you have the homeowner that is building from out of town and can’t see the day to day questions and decisions that need to be made. Color of granite, does this stain look good with this paint and all sorts of questions that homeowners get presented by their builders. Builders do a very good job here of helping you make those decisions but some owners want design help to make it all fit together!

Needless to say we are busy! If we ever get a day off it is time to go to Yellowstone very soon. They will open in April for cars and are already open for bikes! If you want wildlife pictures(especially Grizzlies and Wolves)now is the time! Crowds are minimal and the wildlife is very active starting to forage for food. Of course, the fishing is excellent this time of the year. You just have to find a river not in runoff.

Just an update from us here in Big Sky at Tatom Design! Remember, if you need help on making a warm, inviting house that is what we do.


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