Log Home Interior Designer

Log Home Interior Designer, Kathy Tatom

Tatom Design is an Interior Design firm located in Big Sky, MT. We do a great deal of log home interior design as well as other types of homes. Log homes are some of our favorites to help on. The size of the logs, the natural colors and stains all have to be taken into consideration when furnishing the home and even in picking paint colors, tiles and stone. We have been helping people create the log home of their dreams and furnishing it to make an inviting, warm home that families can relax and enjoy spending time together. Using natural fibers and colors to bring the colors and shapes of the logs out is something we spend a great deal of time and effort on. Whether your log home is in Big Sky or in some other part of the Rocky Mountains, Tatom Design can help you create your dream log home.

If you are in the process of starting a log home or are refurnishing a recently purchased log home, Tatom Design can help you in creating a log home you can be proud to call your own! Feel free to view our Portfolio page to see some of our recent projects and please send us an email or give us a call to discuss your project!


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Mountain Home Interior Designer

Mountain Home Interior Designer, Kathy Tatom

Tatom Design is an Interior Designer located in Big Sky, Mt. Of course in Big Sky, we have our mountains, rivers, wildlife and numerous outdoor activities that encompass all the above! Many people dream of one day owning a Mountain Home. Big Sky is the best place to do that! Yes, I’m biased. Big Sky interior design is always about a Mountain Home because that is where we live.

You bring natural elements such as logs, wood timbers and stone together to create something that looks like it fits right in with the mountain landscapes! Of course the interior needs to be furnished to accent the outdoors and the beautiful home. You bring in natural fibers and colors that you see in nature in the furnishings and art that create an inviting, warm atmosphere for family and friends to relax and look at your views. The interior design is there to pull all the elements of the home and the homeowners personality together to make it all fit together.

At Tatom Design that is what we do. We get to know you and your tastes and start to work in creating the Mountain Home you want and dreamed of! We are able to help all sizes of homes and all sizes of budgets. We enjoy every project we do and have loved becoming friends with our clients.

If you have bought or are building your dream Mountain Home please email or give us a call. We would love to discuss your project! Please feel free to take a look at our Portfolio Page to see some of our recent projects that we have done. Mountain home interior design is what we do and we can work with you during the construction phase or after your home has been built or bought. Anything from the ground floor to a redesign to freshening things up, we can help. If you need a Mountain home interior designer in Montana give us a call!

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Montana Interior Designer

Montana Interior Designer, Kathy Tatom

Even the word Montana conjures up images and thoughts of a far off mystical place. The mountains, the wildlife, the rivers, the National Parks. There is no other destination that stirs the emotions like our beautiful State. If you are able to move here or have a 2nd home here you are very blessed. A Montana home needs to be a place you walk into and it welcomes your family and friends. Your Montana home can be rustic, modern or log or a combination of all the above. It needs someone to decorate it that has lived here for several years and understands just how special Montana is while incorporating your tastes. It needs to reflect you and your family and it needs to be warm and inviting!

A Montana Interior Designer is someone that has outside interests like skiing, fishing, wildlife viewing and hiking and can bring some of that indoors in the furnishings, art and accessories. Uses of woods, stone, colors and metals to blend the outside with the inside. A good Montana Interior Designer knows how to use natural fibers and color accents with what natural elements a builder uses in building your home.

Take a tour of Kathy's portfolio and you will find: ski cabins, mountain cabins, log homes, ski houses, ranches, and more!

Kathy is a talented mountain home interior designer. Contact her!

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