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There are a number of factors that can affect how you decorate or construct with the phrase Montana Interior Design. Obviously you searched this term or ran across this page and are interested in the factors. I’m going to try and lay out the challenges and joys of Montana Interior Design. First factor to consider is your geography. You may build or furnish differently depending on what part of the state. Montana is one of the larger states in the US and you can drive 10 hours across the state depending on the direction. Are you building in a city such as Bozeman or in Big Sky where I live or are you talking more rural of an area, such as a Ranch or Farm. These factors can definitely affect timing of construction, deliveries of materials or furnishings and can impact you both cost wise and the type house you might build. Is the house going to be occupied during the winter or are you going to shut it in each fall and let the snow accumulate? Is the home going to be a rental on a ski slope that needs to with stand renters? Do you have good access to water via municipal or well? Size of septic and soil type? All these are factors that have to be taken into consideration with the design, size and scope of the home. None of these factors are overwhelming just something that needs to be considered in both the construction and furnishings stage.

The type of house also depends on the topography, as well as the geography. Are you buying a Ranch where you are building a home? Should it be a ranch style home with porches and decks to enjoy the great outdoors and fit in to the local community? Or are you going to build a Lodge with guest homes that may have their own themes or have a common theme with the Ranch? Will it have a pond or lake that we are trying to accentuate and furnish for. Some Montana homes are built on the ski slopes and may be for renters and ski in/ski out comfort. These will be built and furnished differently than the Ranch style home. Ski slope side homes are usually going to be built into the ski slope and have multiple levels and are built to have views of the prevailing mountains and scenery. Is the home next to a River and that is the domination view. Maybe this home is all about fly fishing and you can build in features that accentuate that and make guests comfortable to where they can fly fish at a moments notice. You might have a deck and outdoor entertainment that makes the river part of the home. Sliding doors, windows facing the river so you can hear it at night. As you can see, there is a great deal to consider about the term Montana Interior Design and all will affect the type home you build and how you furnish.

Another big factor is the types of materials you use in building homes in Montana. Do you want a low maintenance home where barn wood is the dominating factor or do you want you cute white farm house or a lake or river cottage? Most Montana homes use a great deal of natural building materials such as lumber, logs, reclaimed lumber or barn wood. This doesn’t mean you have to. Build what you love and guests and family will follow. Wood and lumber is very durable and we use a fair amount of metals in Montana, as well. Metals can fit almost any style you want to do whether you are designing a cottage, rustic home, modern rustic or an ultra modern home. Colors can be whatever you want but neutral colors that blend into the landscape accented by any of a number of pleasing trim colors. You would like any material you use to be durable considering the sometimes harsh weather we receive each year.

Speaking of weather this should be a consideration for you when designing and furnishing a home. Mud rooms are an important consideration for you. You will usually be bringing in mud, snow, rain and no telling what else if it is a ranch or farm. Roof lines, how the home faces, comfy furniture with access to throws or colorful blankets. Some parts of the year your fireplace may end up being the focal point of the home! Much to consider in a Montana Interior Design! How much upkeep are you comfortable with on outdoor materials, floors in entry’s where there will be snow, mud and water. The weather can also affect the time of construction mostly. Weather can make deliveries of furnishings and accessories but it will not usually be a deal killer unless we just can’t get to the home. Montana Interior Design is always an adventure but that is why we love Montana sooo much, right?

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