July 4th

This has been a tough but joyful week! We dropped our son Tate Tatom off at the Air Force Academy last Thursday. As a parent dropping off their first child at College, we found this to be a bit more stressful. You say goodbye to them they walk through a door and you lose control of your child. You see them get on a bus with their “Cadre” yelling at them. You have no contact with them for the next 6 weeks besides letters. 

It has been surreal and difficult. Tate will be going to school at one of the most challenging schools in the country, training militarily, and playing golf for the Air Force Academy. We get to see some pictures of him but have to search through hundreds of photos of all Basic Cadets for a glimpse of him. It looks like he is meeting every challenge of serving his country.

I ask that on July 4th we remember all the wonderful young men and women that put their lives behind serving their country. I had no idea the work and struggles they go through so the rest of us can live our lives!

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