Hunting Lodges and Interior Design

Montana is about wildlife and a number of people purchase property here to have the opportunity to fish and hunt. As long as it is done responsibly I have no issue with this. We have a number of clients that want to build a lodge for their property and decorate it man cave kind of style. I get brought into this because my hubbie is a ranch real estate agent and Partner at Venture West Ranches.  We have teamed up to bring clients dreams of family ranches that provide a comfortable place to relax and something that can add value to a recreational property. Remember guys you have to sell the ladies on enjoying coming out to the property. A good porch and great views go along way but they still need that WOW factor when they walk in the door to make them want to come back time after time. I have so many great family memories of our ranch in Texas but walking in the door to an inviting and warm ranch house is something special. The man needs the game and expanses and the wife needs something that makes it feel like home for family and friends. If you need help please feel free to give us a call. We would love to help and have been through the whole female/male ranch balancing act ourselves and did it pretty well.

Montana Ranch Interior Design

Families are wonderful! Family businesses are sometimes wonderful! Buzz got to be featured with some of his opinions on running family businesses. Ranches are family businesses and can be great opportunities for children and family members if handled right. Read about thoughts on family and small businesses.

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