Grizzly Bear in a Car!

Living near Yellowstone Park one of my favorite times of the year is just starting. Bears have come out of hibernation. Animals are active again and you get surprised every day that you are out driving and exploring. These pictures are from a couple of years ago and it was on a late April day in the park. There aren’t very many people this time of the year and most are experienced bear and wolf observers. Me being neither of those two things, sometimes you just luck out! I had been watching this grizzly for over 30 minutes from afar. He had been mixed in with some wary buffalos but then came right up to the road and decided to check out a Park Rangers car. She swore she had no food in the car but he was very curious. As you can see by the photos the Park takes Grizzlies getting into cars very seriously. The Ranger came up with rubber bullets in the shotgun. They get the bear’s attention without harming him. Okay, he might have a bruise for a few days but if he ever gets use to getting in people’s cars, he would have to be destroyed so a bruise is not all bad when you consider the alternative.

If you want to see animals and avoid the crowds, late April to early May and then late September until early November are the best times. I love September with the elk in rut and the bulls bugling and protecting their harem. It is a joy to live in Big Sky, MT and help create beautiful homes that people can come enjoy this gorgeous part of the World!
Let us know if you need help in decorating a home. We would love to help and show you some beautiful scenery!

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