Getting Involved in People’s Holiday Season in Big Sky MT

Today was our first real snow day here in Big Sky. Our family was discussing and some are happy to see snow and some could wait a while longer! Halloween was just a few days ago and it can be anything from a super nice fall night to a complete blizzard!

My mind has turned to the Holidays:

  1. Being a Big Sky Interior Designer, I have to think several months ahead with clients. We have to have homes ready for Thanksgiving or Christmas family time! It is a great deal of fun trying to get client’s homes ready for the relaxing, fun times in Big Sky during those times! Very fulfilling!
  2. Our son Tate is coming home from his first semester at the Air Force Academy(YEAH!) and we are planning his flights. We can’t wait to see him and are super excited! He has been gone since June so it will be great to have him home!
  3. Christmas movies have started! Gets started earlier and earlier every year but as a family we have watched one every night since Halloween! Love this time of the year.

This is a time of year that is very busy for us. From getting homes ready for families, to turning houses over to rental companies and all the many details that entails. We decorate a few homes so when clients arrive they walk into a tree and a decorated house so they don’t waste a minute of their time during this precious time of the year in Big Sky. I love being an Interior Designer in Big Sky this time of the year and the rush of helping people’s dreams come true with furnishing their vacation homes. That special time of the year starts the first day of real snow! I wonder what Christmas movie is on TV tonight?

Let us know if we can help in any way on a present or future design job. We would love to help you make a dream come true!

Best wishes from Tatom Design and Big Sky MT and feel free to visit and or like us on Facebook-Tatom Design!


Our first good snowfall of the year here in Big Sky!

Our first good snowfall of the year here in Big Sky MT!

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