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Here is our blog where we post articles related with interior design in Big Sky! We have highlighted several client's projects and some homes we redid ourselves. We have done close to 100 Interior Decorating projects in Montana. As a Montana Interior Design firm we travel and are use to working in all sizes and styles of Interior Design. Anything from rustic small slope side/river side cabins to large log homes to rustic modern ski homes. We are adaptable in styles and services we provide.

Montana Interior Design

Montana Interior Design

There are a number of factors that can affect how you decorate or construct with the phrase Montana Interior Design. Obviously you searched this term or ran across this page and are interested in the factors. I’m going to try and lay out the challenges and joys of Montana Interior Design. First factor to consider […]

Carolyn Joe

Finding Reasonably Priced Art for Big Sky, Mt Interior Design

Matt Jones Photography ¬†   Inspiration comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Being an Interior Designer in Big Sky, MT I have to be versatile and fit all styles and budgets. Art becomes a very interesting part of the budget. People want color, style and images that make a house warm and inviting […]

Hunting Lodges and Interior Design

Montana is about wildlife and a number of people purchase property here to have the opportunity to fish and hunt. As long as it is done responsibly I have no issue with this. We have a number of clients that want to build a lodge for their property and decorate it man cave kind of […]