Big Sky Interior Design

When I think of the phrase Big Sky Interior Design there are so many variables involved that you have to take the time to discuss all the different things that might encompass. There are so many different styles of recent homes to choose from and they all are Big Sky Interior Design. Yet, there styles, sizes and decors are different.

We can start with the small cabins. These are usually slopeside and ski in ski out like a Cowboy Heaven Cabin or like these upcoming Lake Cabins at Ulery Lake in Moonlight Basin. These are going to be furnished for the most part as a rustic cabin and space is a very important consideration. The other consideration is most of these end up being a rental so everything needs to be durable for the rental market. Lots of woods, old time accessories such as skis or fly fishing gear from decades past with some color mixed in! We have done several of these and they are very quaint and romantic! Bedding and Art is key to bring in color and in most of these you will find bunkbeds in one of the bedrooms. Here is one of the Cowboy Heavens we have done here.

Then you step up to ski homes in developments that are again up on the mountain usually. Again ski in/ski out for the most part. These are homes that are larger than the cabins and the trend right now is more of a modern rustic style. Like the Silvertips. They call it a cabin but it is a stretch to call these cabins. Or like the upcoming Highlands in Spanish Peaks. You still use a lot of natural leathers and fibers mixed in with maybe some chrome, contemporary iron or other modern decor. Many times these are rentals but more higher end rental with less use than some of the smaller cabins. These are going to be furnished high end with more art, furs, antler chandeliers, granite countertops and other nice furnishings.

Once you get out of the developments, you get a wider range of styles and types of homes when you talk about Big Sky Interior Design. You might be going very rustic with wood or log timbers inside and out. You might have wood or a more durable siding. It gives me more latitude in these homes. I love to bring in shiplap and use reclaimed or barn wood in fixtures. Then sometimes we get to go rustic modern like this beautiful home. There is just more of a blend of styles, sizes and types of homes outside of developments. So it boils down to personal taste and style when choosing where to have your Big Sky home.

The other place we get to practice Big Sky Interior Design is in lodges. We have had the opportunities to help in decorating three lodges here in Big Sky. These are big and grand with big features, tall ceilings and grand views. We have done rooms, art, big rooms to total redo of a lodge including paint, carpet furnishings, lighting and fixtures. Lodges are fun because of the big features they present of items such as fire screens, chandeliers, staircases and log and timber accents. Lodges also are accompanied by smaller cabins and unique places such as Yurts.

When doing Big Sky Interior Design there are other factors you have to consider when building or decorating a house. Weather is always going to be a factor that affects timing and can affect cost. Construction is sub freezing temps can be challenging and at the least slows down the process. Delivering furniture in snow happens all the time here in Big Sky but special considerations have to be taken. Numerous developments are multi floor in very busy small hallways that are open only busy times of the year. Nothing is overwhelming just creates challenges that you must overcome in Big Sky Interior design. No big deal. You also need dependable workers and delivery people and depending on where you live it may be more expensive than you are use to paying but it is better than other ski resort towns!

There is a multitude of developments in Big Sky and prices can be all over the place. You can spend into the multi millions in some of developments such as Yellowstone Club, Spanish Peaks and Moonlight Basin or you can find much more reasonable older homes in a number of the older developments. The beauty is that Big Sky was built in the 70’s and so it has developments at all different ages and price levels and if you look at them compared to any other high end ski resort they are undervalued. Your choices are whether you are up on the mountain with ski in/ski out or down in the meadow or one of the surrounding neighborhoods that give you acreage and out of the way neighbors. Big Sky is a beautiful place that gives you multiple price points to enjoy a place like no other!

Please feel free to check out our Portfolio page and if you are considering a project in Big Sky please Contact us, we would love to help you!


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