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Big Sky Interior Design Gallery

Big Sky Interior Design – Gallery

The Big Sky interior design gallery is the collection of several past projects to show you additional projects Tatom Design has completed. These projects highlight some, but not all, of the forms of interior design that Tatom Design specializes in. Whether you are looking for an interior design to accompany your Big Sky Montana cabin, Montana modern home, mountain home interior design, or Bozeman Montana interior design, Tatom design will do everything to make your dreams a reality. Look for additional photos to be added in the future as Tatom Design finished projects and expands its portfolio.

Regardless of your budget or time frame, Tatom Design will create the perfect interior design for you and your home. Servicing Big Sky, Bozeman, and the larger Gallatin Valley, Tatom Design is the premier interior designer for any project. For other past interior design projects, visit our portfolio page. If you are ready to start your own Big Sky interior design project, please contact us!

If you are interested in Big Sky, MT interior design and want to check out our social media, check out our Tatom Design Houzz page, as well as, our Tatom Design Facebook page! If you have a Big Sky, MT home that you are wanting to redo or are considering building or purchasing a home in Big Sky and need help with the Interior Design please give us a call or email! We would love to help you with your project. We know the developments and craftsmen very well and can decorate in any style! From log cabin, rustic to modern rustic we can help you with the interior design to create a home that you can be proud of and that can enhance the value of your property!

kitchen big sky rental rustic modern interior design

Rustic Modern Rental Property

This incredible Silver Tip mountain home was so fun to furnish.  This project was an incredibly quick turnaround on a budget. We had 6 weeks to get this house ready for rentals! Designing in Big Sky is always a challenge. Adding a tight deadline means you have to get creative and rely on local Big Sky and Bozeman craftsman, and great local furniture stores like Montana Expressions to get the job done! We added a 10-foot kitchen island instead of a dining area to create a casual dining space for a more functional vacation home design. We created 3 master suites to accommodate the needs for this ski property. To further extend the use of this mountain cabin, we also added 2 bunk rooms that are perfect for large families traveling together. The art featured in the home was curated and customized by a great local artist, Tehya Braun. We loved using her paintings to add fun pops of color. In the spirit of creating a functional and practical mountain, rental property all of the material we used were made with performance fabrics. We loved creating this rustic and modern vacation rental in beautiful Big Sky MT.

Big Sky, MT Modern Ski Home

Big Sky Montana Modern Home Remodel

This was previously an original Settlers Spanish Peaks cabin in Big Sky Montana.  The new owners were looking for a clean, modern ski home with lots of light and views.

We removed all the old walls and windows in the current living room and kitchen and added 5 feet in 2 directions to make this a stunning new open and bright, living and kitchen area.  Adding soft white paint to walls and ceilings increased the size and brightness of this modern new ski in-ski out home.  The soft black windows and metal accents helped give this an even more industrial modern flare.

New bleached white oak hardwood floors kept the clean, light airy feeling look the owner was going for. Enclosing the front porch into a new practical mudroom gave the entry purpose and style with the custom mud lockers and floating black walnut bench, and of course, more beautiful windows looking out to that amazing view.

All new appliances, white cabinets, and white quartz countertops gave this previously dark cabin the sleek, clean look the owners wanted in their new home.  The 5 x 7 grey island became the anchor of the stunning kitchen.   New fixtures, paint, and tile in the eight bathrooms carried this new look throughout the entire home.

Then it was just a matter of beautiful, yet functional furniture (this is a ski home) to bring in color, comfort, and style for their friends and family. The owner chose the bright royal blue as their accent color that shows throughout the home.  We almost went with cream chairs in the dining room-but so glad we took a chance and went with the blue velvet to offset the blue skies and white mountains.  The stunning custom antler chandelier is one of my favorite pieces in the house.

The loft was turned into a beautiful library for their wonderful collection of fly fishing books and family photos. Adding white cowhide chairs were both practical and beautiful for this Texas family, who calls Big Sky their happy place.

This was a project that was a joy to see transform from beginning to end. If you need help in decorating a new home, remodeling or updating an existing home please feel free to give me a call, we would love to help.


Hunting Lodges and Interior Design

Montana is about wildlife and a number of people purchase property here to have the opportunity to fish and hunt. As long as it is done responsibly I have no issue with this. We have a number of clients that want to build a lodge for their property and decorate it man cave kind of style. I get brought into this because my hubbie is a ranch real estate agent and Partner at Venture West Ranches.  We have teamed up to bring clients dreams of family ranches that provide a comfortable place to relax and something that can add value to a recreational property. Remember guys you have to sell the ladies on enjoying coming out to the property. A good porch and great views go along way but they still need that WOW factor when they walk in the door to make them want to come back time after time. I have so many great family memories of our ranch in Texas but walking in the door to an inviting and warm ranch house is something special. The man needs the game and expanses and the wife needs something that makes it feel like home for family and friends. If you need help please feel free to give us a call. We would love to help and have been through the whole female/male ranch balancing act ourselves and did it pretty well.

Montana Ranch Interior Design

Families are wonderful! Family businesses are sometimes wonderful! Buzz got to be featured with some of his opinions on running family businesses. Ranches are family businesses and can be great opportunities for children and family members if handled right. Read about thoughts on family and small businesses.

Carolyn Joe

Finding Reasonably Priced Art for Big Sky, Mt Interior Design


Inspiration comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Being an Interior Designer in Big

Sky, MT I have to be versatile and fit all styles and budgets. Art becomes a very

interesting part of the budget. People want color, style and images that make a house

warm and inviting and show what they love and who they are. The problem is that close

to half the houses I interior decorate are used as vacation rental. This means that people

do not like to spend a great deal on high dollar art that could be subject to

traffic and potential wear.


This started my quest for finding good art at reasonable prices. My husband and I use to

own The Odee Company which is a printer and promotional product company in Dallas,

Tx. We sold to two long time employees and a friend. They have been very successful

and one of the areas they expanded into was wide format printing. One thing led to

another and they partnered with two artists and launched Wide format

has become very accepted for art and Canvaskick does giclees that the artist can hand

sign. The giclee can have a resin finish added that makes it appear to be encased in

glass. Cost is around $650 for the giclee and the resin finish is extra. The originals go

for $6000 and up. So, this is an inexpensive way to have great color and art.


Canvaskick started with Carolyn Joe and Dara Burriss and have added Matt Jones

Photography(great trout pictures), Dustin Doskocil Photography, Felix Art Studios and

Walter Eduardo Soza. There supposedly are more artists and works from present artists

to soon be added. It has developed enough of a following that it has been featured on

Cassie Freeman’s,  Hi Sugarplum webpage  and has participated in her

One Room Challenge. I heard Cassie was in Big Sky for her sister’s wedding. I would

have loved to shown her some of my projects and some Dallas hospitality! Maybe next

time! My husband could have shown her some beautiful property on a pretty river!

I have used Canvaskick and Odee for both the giclees, as well as, other prints. They

turn them quickly. As an Interior Designer, we know everything happens yesterday.

Being a Big Sky Interior Designer with people wanting 2nd homes perfect for family and

friends really means yesterday. Canvaskick says two weeks to turn the art but I

would urge you to call. They have turned things for me in a crunch in very short order

and are great to work with, so always call Travis. I also would like to add, their shipping

is bulletproof. They ship nationwide. So, they custom build the box and the art is bubble

wrapped extremely well.

Next time you have a project that needs some reasonable art options consider wide

format and look up Canvaskick. Great way to add color and style!

Montana Interior Design

Montana Interior Design

There are a number of factors that can affect how you decorate or construct with the phrase Montana Interior Design. Obviously you searched this term or ran across this page and are interested in the factors. I’m going to try and lay out the challenges and joys of Montana Interior Design. First factor to consider is your geography. You may build or furnish differently depending on what part of the state. Montana is one of the larger states in the US and you can drive 10 hours across the state depending on the direction. Are you building in a city such as Bozeman or in Big Sky where I live or are you talking more rural of an area, such as a Ranch or Farm. These factors can definitely affect timing of construction, deliveries of materials or furnishings and can impact you both cost wise and the type house you might build. Is the house going to be occupied during the winter or are you going to shut it in each fall and let the snow accumulate? Is the home going to be a rental on a ski slope that needs to with stand renters? Do you have good access to water via municipal or well? Size of septic and soil type? All these are factors that have to be taken into consideration with the design, size and scope of the home. None of these factors are overwhelming just something that needs to be considered in both the construction and furnishings stage.

The type of house also depends on the topography, as well as the geography. Are you buying a Ranch where you are building a home? Should it be a ranch style home with porches and decks to enjoy the great outdoors and fit in to the local community? Or are you going to build a Lodge with guest homes that may have their own themes or have a common theme with the Ranch? Will it have a pond or lake that we are trying to accentuate and furnish for. Some Montana homes are built on the ski slopes and may be for renters and ski in/ski out comfort. These will be built and furnished differently than the Ranch style home. Ski slope side homes are usually going to be built into the ski slope and have multiple levels and are built to have views of the prevailing mountains and scenery. Is the home next to a River and that is the domination view. Maybe this home is all about fly fishing and you can build in features that accentuate that and make guests comfortable to where they can fly fish at a moments notice. You might have a deck and outdoor entertainment that makes the river part of the home. Sliding doors, windows facing the river so you can hear it at night. As you can see, there is a great deal to consider about the term Montana Interior Design and all will affect the type home you build and how you furnish.

Another big factor is the types of materials you use in building homes in Montana. Do you want a low maintenance home where barn wood is the dominating factor or do you want you cute white farm house or a lake or river cottage? Most Montana homes use a great deal of natural building materials such as lumber, logs, reclaimed lumber or barn wood. This doesn’t mean you have to. Build what you love and guests and family will follow. Wood and lumber is very durable and we use a fair amount of metals in Montana, as well. Metals can fit almost any style you want to do whether you are designing a cottage, rustic home, modern rustic or an ultra modern home. Colors can be whatever you want but neutral colors that blend into the landscape accented by any of a number of pleasing trim colors. You would like any material you use to be durable considering the sometimes harsh weather we receive each year.

Speaking of weather this should be a consideration for you when designing and furnishing a home. Mud rooms are an important consideration for you. You will usually be bringing in mud, snow, rain and no telling what else if it is a ranch or farm. Roof lines, how the home faces, comfy furniture with access to throws or colorful blankets. Some parts of the year your fireplace may end up being the focal point of the home! Much to consider in a Montana Interior Design! How much upkeep are you comfortable with on outdoor materials, floors in entry’s where there will be snow, mud and water. The weather can also affect the time of construction mostly. Weather can make deliveries of furnishings and accessories but it will not usually be a deal killer unless we just can’t get to the home. Montana Interior Design is always an adventure but that is why we love Montana sooo much, right?

I hope this article gave you a little insight into what you were looking for. If not please check out our Blog posts or just Contact us with any questions. You might also check out our Portfolio page to see some of our latest projects and you can also find us active on Pinterest, Facebook and Houzz.


Have a great day!

Big Sky Interior Design - View from Spanish Peaks

Big Sky Interior Design

When I think of the phrase Big Sky Interior Design there are so many variables involved that you have to take the time to discuss all the different things that might encompass. There are so many different styles of recent homes to choose from and they all are Big Sky Interior Design. Yet, there styles, sizes and decors are different.

We can start with the small cabins. These are usually slopeside and ski in ski out like a Cowboy Heaven Cabin or like these upcoming Lake Cabins at Ulery Lake in Moonlight Basin. These are going to be furnished for the most part as a rustic cabin and space is a very important consideration. The other consideration is most of these end up being a rental so everything needs to be durable for the rental market. Lots of woods, old time accessories such as skis or fly fishing gear from decades past with some color mixed in! We have done several of these and they are very quaint and romantic! Bedding and Art is key to bring in color and in most of these you will find bunkbeds in one of the bedrooms. Here is one of the Cowboy Heavens we have done here.

Then you step up to ski homes in developments that are again up on the mountain usually. Again ski in/ski out for the most part. These are homes that are larger than the cabins and the trend right now is more of a modern rustic style. Like the Silvertips. They call it a cabin but it is a stretch to call these cabins. Or like the upcoming Highlands in Spanish Peaks. You still use a lot of natural leathers and fibers mixed in with maybe some chrome, contemporary iron or other modern decor. Many times these are rentals but more higher end rental with less use than some of the smaller cabins. These are going to be furnished high end with more art, furs, antler chandeliers, granite countertops and other nice furnishings.

Once you get out of the developments, you get a wider range of styles and types of homes when you talk about Big Sky Interior Design. You might be going very rustic with wood or log timbers inside and out. You might have wood or a more durable siding. It gives me more latitude in these homes. I love to bring in shiplap and use reclaimed or barn wood in fixtures. Then sometimes we get to go rustic modern like this beautiful home. There is just more of a blend of styles, sizes and types of homes outside of developments. So it boils down to personal taste and style when choosing where to have your Big Sky home.

The other place we get to practice Big Sky Interior Design is in lodges. We have had the opportunities to help in decorating three lodges here in Big Sky. These are big and grand with big features, tall ceilings and grand views. We have done rooms, art, big rooms to total redo of a lodge including paint, carpet furnishings, lighting and fixtures. Lodges are fun because of the big features they present of items such as fire screens, chandeliers, staircases and log and timber accents. Lodges also are accompanied by smaller cabins and unique places such as Yurts.

When doing Big Sky Interior Design there are other factors you have to consider when building or decorating a house. Weather is always going to be a factor that affects timing and can affect cost. Construction is sub freezing temps can be challenging and at the least slows down the process. Delivering furniture in snow happens all the time here in Big Sky but special considerations have to be taken. Numerous developments are multi floor in very busy small hallways that are open only busy times of the year. Nothing is overwhelming just creates challenges that you must overcome in Big Sky Interior design. No big deal. You also need dependable workers and delivery people and depending on where you live it may be more expensive than you are use to paying but it is better than other ski resort towns!

There is a multitude of developments in Big Sky and prices can be all over the place. You can spend into the multi millions in some of developments such as Yellowstone Club, Spanish Peaks and Moonlight Basin or you can find much more reasonable older homes in a number of the older developments. The beauty is that Big Sky was built in the 70’s and so it has developments at all different ages and price levels and if you look at them compared to any other high end ski resort they are undervalued. Your choices are whether you are up on the mountain with ski in/ski out or down in the meadow or one of the surrounding neighborhoods that give you acreage and out of the way neighbors. Big Sky is a beautiful place that gives you multiple price points to enjoy a place like no other!

Please feel free to check out our Portfolio page and if you are considering a project in Big Sky please Contact us, we would love to help you!


Interior Design Blog Montana

Interior Design Blog Montana – The Things We Get to See!

I call Big Sky, MT home. I love it! I am an Interior Designer and get the opportunity to work on some of the most beautiful homes in the country but the things I see and the people I meet are some of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. I decided to share some of these experiences with you by doing a Interior Design Blog Montana theme. It is not all about interior design. I try and share some of the pics of what we get to see everyday. Both in scenery and wildlife! This is a picture that I took one evening when the clouds moved in as the sun was going down. You will find grizzly bear pictures, elk and fly fishing pictures also in the blog. After all, what is a Interior Design Blog Montana theme without some beautiful wildlife and scenery mixed in!

Our Big Sky, MT is in a unique part of the country. Located 45 minutes north of the NW entrance to Yellowstone National Park, Big Sky is the largest ski acreage in North America. Bet you didn’t know that! Our lift lines are non existent. Christmas time you might have to wait 5 minutes. Big Sky has grown dramatically in the last 15 years but is still a very small town most of the time of the year.

Big Sky is blanketed in snow 6 months out of the year and sometimes longer. Today’s date is March 25th and we have had 14″ of snow in the last 72 hours. It is beautiful, although, at this point we are ready to start seeing some flowers and we are still 2 months out before we start seeing them. The beauty of this time of the year is very soon it will be muddy and yucky with the town deserted but the wildlife and fishing opportunities become tremendous over the next month. See here for my last years early trip into Yellowstone in April. April and early May are your big opportunities to see Grizzlies and controversial Wolves in the Park. You have to deal with very few people and you will find the Park Rangers much more relaxed this time of year. You will also have the opportunity to see Bison calves. They are very cute just be careful about Mama! The fly fishing opportunities also abound this time of year before runoff. Trout are starting to get more active and it is the Rainbows turn to spawn in the spring, while the Browns get to follow and nibble on eggs. You have better opportunities for bigger and more plentiful fish this time of year than you do when there are almost as many fisherman as fish during the summer!

Of course with an Interior Design Blog Montana theme we will also talk about Interior Design and what is happening in Big Sky and Montana in general. We will show you some of our interior design projects and some of our remodels and new construction. Bottomline you never know what we will talk about or too in our Interior Design Blog Montana!

So, while most of you are starting to see spring flowers we are still blanketed in the white stuff but don’t feel sorry for us because this is a special time of the year to be in Big Sky, MT believe it or not. If you are curious about our other posts please check out our Blog and if you want to see some of our latest projects take a look at our Portfolio. You can also check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and Houzz.

Montana Interior Designer – Countertop Discussion

As a Montana Interior Designer in Big Sky, I get involved in discussions and decisions on countertops. Both in new construction and in remodels where we are trying to upgrade a home. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and one persons likes may not match another persons. My bottom line is if you love it then it is right! There are a number of choices and materials to choose from and things to consider. Hopefully, this article helps enlighten you on some things to consider when deciding on countertops, whether for your kitchen, bathroom or wherever else.

-Granite Countertops are what the majority of people want in their homes. They are beautiful and Granite is unique. It is a mined slab of natural earth material where no two slabs are alike. Because they are natural material, they are imperfect and some people are concerned that one countertop in a room may not match another countertop exactly. Some people love that slabs show character and some are bothered by it. Costs have dropped recently and granite is more reasonable than in the past. Chances are you will have to have seams depending on the size of countertop. The person that installs can minimize the seams but they are still there. This is due to slabs coming in somewhat uniform sizes and countertops coming in all kinds of lengths! Costs are a concern for me as a Montana Interior Designer and there are a few ways that I can help you in deciding on granite. Many times I can find remnants of an already used slab. Another cost consideration would be thickness of the slab. While the kitchen will normally be a 3″ slab a number of people are now going to 2″ slabs for bathroom and elsewhere countertops. You can also sometimes find excess inventory of certain colors or something that might have been around the yard for a while. Another cost consideration for countertops of all materials is the edge treatment. If you want a edge that is something different than comes from the mine it is going to have to be machined and normally that is going to add expense. The other consideration to consider on granite is if you want a non maintenance surface granite may not be the best for you. It needs to be periodically cleaned and sealed. There is one recent consideration on granite. There are slabs coming more and more from countries such as China that are lesser grade. They are much cheaper but can discolor and are not always as durable. I would ask where the slab has come from and discuss the origin with the supplier. As a Montana Interior Designer, I talk to as many suppliers as I can because they all have different materials, slabs and you never know when you might be able to save a client money!

-Quartz is manmade and is actually more expensive than granite right now. I say manmade, it is actually crushed quartz particles that is then formed with the help of rosin into a solid material. Very durable and has a look and feel of stone. There is no maintenance for quartz. At this point and time it is more expensive than granite. Some people are bothered that it is manufactured but if you want a countertop that you can place and not have to worry about quartz is it. I have used quartz countertops being a Montana Interior Designer and have no issues with using them in a home. In fact, in rentals, it is a very good choice. In theory it is stainless and incredibly durable. Quartz can be effected by sunlight over a period of time so if you have an area that gets noticeably more sunlight you would need to consider that. Because quartz is manufactured versus real stone if there are seams they will be much less noticeable. Quartz is made to look like stone and is much more uniform in color, texture and pattern. If that is important to you consider quartz.

-Quartzite is not to be mistaken for quartz. They are different materials. Quartzite is actually sandstone that has been put under pressure and heat. Choices of colors are more limited in Quartzite, usually, more whites and grays. Quartzite will have more streaking and may have colored streaks depending on materials present in the naturally occurring process. Quartzite, unlike quartz, requires maintenance since it is a stone. You need to seal and reseal to keep material from penetrating the stone. Costs are comparable to quartz.

Other Materials for Countertops

I like to mix things up as a Montana Interior Designer since I can be doing rustic, modern rustic, cabin, ski chalet or any of another styles. There are a couple of materials that I like to use as countertops on more of an accent basis mixed in with some of the materials talked about above. I will just name them alphabetically and not necessarily in order of preference because so much depends on the style and the design.

-Concrete is a great accent piece for islands and smaller areas. It is manmade so you have to seal it a couple times a year and it will stain. Most people view concrete as something that develops character and you can use different color mortars to accent your design. You can do a very light color all the way to black. It is a change of pace that is more of an accent than a long counter. Islands are perfect for concrete.

-Stainless Steel is also a good accent piece, although some will use it for a whole counter. Nothing wrong with either. It is in the personal taste category. Stainless will scratch easily and you either mark that down as character or you can get burnished stainless steel that you will be able to buff out some of the scratches. Stainless is good for a modern look and more of a commercial kitchen look where scratches would not matter anyway. Easy to clean and isn’t going to stain.

-Wood would be the other material I would like to mention that I have used as a Montana Interior Designer. We will use butcher block in limited areas to accent a kitchen. I love the look of butcher block mixed in with a darker colored countertop. This is something you have to seal and clean more than other materials but people that like to cook, love butcher blocks.

Cleaning of Countertops

Just a thought on cleaning of countertops. Over the years in my job as a Montana Interior Designer I have been taught a few things. Any of the natural earth made materials, the best way of cleaning them is with hydrogen peroxide and rock salt. This sanitizes all the little cracks and crevices without damaging the material of your countertop. On the manmade surfaces you can use more normal sanitary cleaners. I would not use bleach on any surface that you will be preparing food.

I hope you have found this article to be helpful. I know I have left out some surfaces so if you love a surface that I did not mention please feel free to drop me a note or comment. If you liked the information you might also check out the rest of our blog for more articles and please feel free to check out our Portfolio section to see some of our latest projects. You can also check us out on Pinterest, Houzz or Facebook and by all means if you have a project in Montana where you need a Montana Interior Decorator give us a shout  for a free consultation.


Photo Credit: Victor Hanacek

Kitchen in Big Sky, MT

Interior Decorator Big Sky MT – Discussion On Saving On Countertops

This is one of those topics that comes up being an Interior Decorator Big Sky MT. Whether it is a new build or a remodel this can be one of the most discussed and debated parts of the kitchen or bathroom decors and can definitely affect the overall budget. What kind of material, cost, color, seams all enter into the discussion. There are several things that I have found as an Interior Decorator that can help keep costs as reasonable as possible. First of all being in Big Sky, Montana you have less vendors to choose from. We just don’t live in a big town. All Interior Decorators in Big Sky MT are going to go to Bozeman. Our choice of suppliers has greatly improved over the years I have been doing this but our population still is very small compared to larger cities so, of course, we have less choices. Not bad choices just less choices.

Here are the things I have learned being an Interior Decorator Big Sky MT:

-On granite ask about remnants and extra large slabs. This can even be true on other materials. Many times companies have left over product from a project that might work well for a bath room countertop or a smaller kitchen countertop. On the larger slabs if you have a large area some times you can keep from going to a 2nd slab. Slabs are broken sometimes on larger slabs and can be cut to fit smaller projects. You have to be open to doing this but if your counter is cut from a larger remnant or larger broken piece and it doesn’t affect any part of the look of your counter, it is worth considering for some of my clients. Savings can be 30-50% under the right situation and it becomes a win-win for everyone.

-Get multiple quotes from different suppliers. Each has different product and materials so prices are going to vary. It also introduces you to more salesman. Salesman can be the key if you build a rapport with them quickly. They might know of a sale coming up, a remnant, excess inventory or a slab they are trying to move for whatever reason. Sometimes, they are also given margin room that they can give you a % off the listed price. A good friendly relationship can get you quantity discounts as well. If you go have discussions with several salesman in town and have them all working for you many times you will get a call on a special deal. I may have an advantage in being and Interior Decorator Big Sky MT and they know that but having a good relationship with several salesman someone is going to offer you a good deal. Everyone likes working with someone they like and I am a big believer that is how you can drive your best bargain.

-Keep an open mind. Sometimes there might be a slab that is excess inventory or has not sold for whatever reason. Maybe the slab has been there for a while or they ordered too much of the same lot run. Maybe the slab is thinner than a normal slab. The normal slab is 3″ thick but the trend to save money is going to 2″ on counters besides the kitchen. You might need to consider paint color changes in a room and if you had a paint color you were deciding between and you can get a great deal on a counter top that you might have to go with your 2nd choice paint, it might be considering. As an Interior Decorator in Big Sky MT sometimes things get expensive and if we had a close second on paint choice and we can save good money, I need to present you that choice for you to make.

-Be a friend to everyone at the yard. You will be surprised what someone will tell you if you are nice, ask an opinion and listen. People in the back know a lot about the product. They might be an installer, do the cutting or move product and they might be able to tell you to check on this product or give you a heads up on a product they would steer away from. Granite shops are known to have varied opinions that they will share with you while the salesman runs and gets a call or talks to someone else. You are an information gatherer from anyone that is willing to share information. When you go from one place to another share the information you gathered and then see what the opinions of more experts want to share with you.

-Edges and finishes cost money. It is a simple fact that if something has to be done to your slab for your liking it is going to cost money 99 times out of 100. If you want a Beveled, Cove, Dupont or Ogee edge compared to the edge that comes from the mill you should expect to pay extra. These are all edges that time will be spent on very expensive machines to give you the desired edge contour that you want and you will be billed a very healthy rate to get the custom edges. The same thing goes for finishes. If you want a leathered finish, a certain sheen or shine that is not from the mill you are going back on a machine to get the desired effect. That machine and person that runs it doesn’t work for free. The only exception is getting lucky with a remnant which I have done a number of times. In fact, as a Interior Decorator Big Sky MT, I have people that will call me when such pieces come up. It works incredibly well if you have the right project.

-Find a handyman to do the demo of pulling old counters off, sheetrock if necessary, disposing of the trash. You can save money by doing that with a handyman. Make sure they understand the specs and what is being done. That is a big part of my job as an Interior Decorator Big Sky MT is putting the right people together and making sure they understand what the other sub needs. Most countertop people in Bozeman don’t even do both but in the few cases I know of, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars.

-Find a handyman to do the plumbing of putting a sink in. There are a number of types of sinks and ways to put them in with countertops. Some countertop companies do light plumbing but many times a good handyman can save you hundreds here as well.

-Use other less expensive materials to break up the size you need of more expensive materials. We like to use butcher block, concrete and any other complimentary products on wings of a slab to cut down on the square footage for say high end granite. For instance, many times it adds to a kitchen to have some butcher block. If it saves money, as well, that makes it all the better.

If you found this article helpful you should give our Blog a look. If you would like to take a look at some of our recent projects take a look at our Portfolio page. You can, also, find us on Pinterest , Houzz and Facebook. If you have an upcoming project and need a Interior Decorator located in Big Sky MT please give us a Ring!